Finnish wooden houses HIRSISET

We use only the highest quality Finnish wood for our homes

Finnish wooden houses HIRSISET

We use only the highest quality Finnish wood for our homes

Finnish wooden houses HIRSISET

We use only the highest quality Finnish wood for our homes

Finnish wooden houses HIRSISET

Our company has been building Finnish wooden houses from Finnish pine for more than 10 years. Finnish pine, which grows in the northern regions of Finland in conditions of constant cold, has a high density, elasticity, strength, durability and extreme resistance to rot.


During the company’s existence, we have implemented more than a dozen projects of Finnish wooden houses, both our own development and projects provided by our customers. During our work we have mastered all modern technologies and subtleties of construction of Finnish wooden houses. This is not a tribute to fashion, it is the requirements of modern business conditions. After all, our goal is to provide the developer with only the best and modern technologies for the construction of their own homes. Many of our customers when choosing a building material for the walls doubted the quality of housing made of wood. However, after the completion of construction and after the first winter, their doubts completely disappeared. After all, a modern Finnish wooden house is the most comfortable housing for a person today. Thanks to the unique properties of Finnish wood, a unique atmosphere is created inside a Finnish wooden house, which creates a cozy atmosphere for relaxation.

  • Wooden houses from a glued bar;
  • Wooden houses from an integral bar;
  • Wooden houses from the pro-thinned-out rectangular bar;
  • Wooden houses made of logs.

For especially demanding customers who want to build for themselves and their family an elite, truly warm and cozy wooden house, we can offer a particularly thick glued VIP BEAM 400 mm thick. The Finnish house, built of such timber, withstands winter frosts and summer heat.

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Kiimingin Mekkinikkari Trust Society is the oldest wooden house building company in the Oulu region. The company was founded in 1983, but today’s HIRSISET executives have been building wooden houses by hand since the mid-1970s, so the tradition of hand-cutting houses is never forgotten and appreciated. These traditions are still the basis for the quality of factory production of Finnish wooden houses.

Building your own home is probably one of the most important tasks in a person’s life. The solution to this problem depends not only on yourself, but also on who you choose as your helpers. HIRSISET has helped realize the dream of owning a home for many families both in Finland and abroad.

Kiimingin Mökkinikkari’s Finnish log houses are sold under the HIRSISET trademark, and the company itself is widely known under this name. Today, the geography of HIRSISET sales is quite extensive and, we can say, extends from A to Z: the company’s dealers are in Austria and Japan. Currently, the annual production is about 200 sets of wooden houses per year.

The main thing for us is your peace and satisfaction from cooperation with us. We offer a choice of dozens of typical projects of wooden houses of different size and cost. If you have not found a suitable project for you, or want to live in a house that fully meets your requirements – we will make such a house for your individual project. The order will be executed in full accordance with your wishes and in strict accordance with the established schedule.

Timely delivery of structures is important for the successful construction of a house, regardless of the location of the object – whether in Finland or abroad. For transportation of constructions of houses HIRSISET uses services of reliable partners who provide delivery of building constructions of the house on object precisely in the appointed time. Structural elements are packed in polyethylene packing, reliably protects wooden details from damages and pollution at transportation

In our activity we rely on experienced qualified personnel, high-quality lumber and high-performance woodworking equipment. Our quality control system guarantees a first-class level of products. Consumer choice is always very important to us. Increasing consumer values, the formation of ecological culture of the consumer determine the choice in favor of using wood as a building material.

All HIRSISET products are manufactured in strict accordance with modern norms and quality standards. We offer you only strong and high-quality Finnish wooden houses from a bar which will please not one generation of your family.

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